Surveillance & Cardiac Function

transonic HD03 machine

Flow-QC Haemodialysis Monitor

A New Standard for ESRD Care

A new standard of care for ESRD patients emerged with introduction of the Transonic HD03 Hemodialysis Monitor a decade ago through groundbreaking ultrasound dilution technology. Flow-QC vascular access patency and dialysis adequacy monitoring, endorsed by the National Kidney Foundation's K/DOQI Guidelines, has become routine in dialysis clinics around the world. Transonic Flow-QC Hemodialysis surveillance improves the quality of care for ESRD patients who experience less access discomfort, dysfunction and fewer access failures. Patients become empowered to assume responsibility for their vascular accesses, their link to life, and miss fewer dialysis treatments. Less expensive out-patient procedures correct deteriorating accesses and replace costly hospitalizations for failed vascular accesses.

HD03 Resources

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Patient Benefits

  • Improved Quality of Life
  • Reduced Hospitalization
  • Reduced Surgery and Morbidity
  • Preservation of Vascular Access Sites
  • Improved Dialysis Efficiency

Dialysis Staff Benefits

  • Empowered to identify and reduce access dysfunction and failure
  • Provides valuable information for Continuous Quality Improvement (CQI) Programs
  • Reduced emergencies due to access failure and under dialysis

Dialysis Clinic and Adminstrator Benefits

  • Increases revenue through a reduction in missed dialysis treatments
  • Improves outcomes for Continuous Quality Improvement (CQI) Programs
  • Increases staff efficiency by reducing time spent on access failures and referals
  • Competitive advantage that can be used to recruit patients

Insurance Provider Benefits

  • Less costly interventions and hospitalizations due to access failure
  • Overall reduction in dialysis care spending


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