UniversalLine Therapy Chair

All important functions with a high standard of equipment and design.

The UniversalLine is ideal for the daily ambulant care of your patients. With the highest level of comfort and four motors, including height adjustment, it is appropriate in numerous therapy areas.

During the treatment of your patients the UniversalLine allows a comfortable sitting or lying position and combines all important functions for the daily care with a good value performance ratio.

The desired lying or sitting position can be achieved by four motors which are located directly under the easy to remove sitting segment. Additionally, the UniversalLine offers lowerable armrests, a manually adjustable footrest and a comfortable head rest to allow a pleasant position during treatment.

The base frame of the UniversalLine provides high stability also in horizontal position. The shock position is activated easily and quickly via a foot pedal.

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Features & Benefits

  • User-friendly remote control to adjust all desired positions.
  • Lowerable armrests allow different arm positions.
  • Removable armrests provide greater flexibility in narrow rooms.
  • Manually adjustable footrest fits every patient’s size.
  • Easy access to the four motors under the sitting segment.
  • Equipotential bonding provides additional safety for your patients.
  • Both-sided foot pedal allows hands free activation of the shock-position.