RCM03 Repair Clamps

A durable repair clamp that saves catheters.

catheter repair clamp

Constructed with world-leading Swedish technology, the RCM03 repair clamps is a must have accessory for your range of dialysis catheters. When clamps break, there's no need to replace the catheter which can be costly, both financially and emotionally for the patient.

These replacement clamps solves a major problem and involves a simple 2 step process:

  • Remove the old clamp & slide in the RCM03 repair clamp from the side of the tube
  • Fix the tube in place in the notch of the clamp. It is now ready to use
Please check if the catheter itself has no damage. If so, the catheter should be replaced. The repair clamp is meant to be for temporary use only and always follow any instructions from the catheter supplier.
The repair clamp comes unsterile and in packs of 2 - one red and one blue.


  • Saves money by extending the life of catheters
  • No need to remove the luer lock connector
  • Easy ergonomic design & simple to use procedure
  • European engineering with high quality materials

catheter repair clamp 1