Bionic ComfortLine 2

Combining the latest standards in hygiene with experience and trusted technical design, the Comfortline 2 brings a new dimension of safety, design and comfort for renal diaysis chairs. ComfortLine 2 renal dialysis chair

Designed for all kinds of treatments, the ComfortLine 2 is the answer for a modern renal diaysis chair. A combination of sophisticated construction, high quality hygiene standards & range of features bring a new dimension of safety, design and comfort.

Completely customisable in appearance and function, the ComfortLine 2 is meant to be more comfortable for all involved, not just the patient but for caregivers as well. A fully upright position for entry and exit is preprogrammed, while the lined armrests can be swiveled or moved entirely out of the way. The head pillow can be adjusted with only one hand, while the 5 motors can be tweaked for the ideal position – for sitting, reclining or lying flat.

For nurses and caregivers, a central brake, accessible on either side, can lock all four wheels in place. In case of patient emergency, a shock position can be activated hands-free. 

Built with compact surfaces and soft cushions, the most striking visual feature is its unique upholstery. Designed with the highest quality of hygienic standards, the material is highly resistant, antibacterial and antimicrobial while being easy to clean and sanitise. With the extensive colour range, you can adapt this therapy chair to your brand, or to match your furnishings!

With a powerful rechargeable battery, this chair is entirely portable and doesn’t have to be bound to a nearby power supply.

Features and Benefits

  • Safe maximum load of 240kg.
  • Armrest can be adjusted to the desired position and even turned completely, just with one lever.
  • Armrest maneuverability allows for ideal puncture position, intuitive and simple with the use of the adjustment lever.
  • Illuminated hand-switch with clear and simple design. Upright position is one button away.
  • Central brake system, with a lever on both sides.
  • Individual adjustment of all segments for maximum comfort.
  • Dedicated foot pedal activates the shock position, allowing the medical team hands-free operation.
  • Large back section and height adjustable pillow to provide maximum comfort.
  • USB port & tablet holder to charge and use smart devices.

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