Hemoperfusion Cartridges

Established in 1989, Jafron is a leading company in the blood purification industry, heavily engaged in research & development of medical devices.

Disposable Hemoperfusion Cartridges

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Remove excessive drugs and poisons 

HA230 is the hemoperfusion cartridge which removes poisons and excessive drugs. As a therapy for acute poisoning, drug overdose, chemical exposure, using in high-dose regional chemotherapy and other applications, it has demonstrated extremely high removal efficiency of hydrophobic substances that is easily bound with plasma proteins.

  • Large adsorptive surface area 
  • High mechanical strength of adsorbents
  • Resin material with advanced coating technology
  • Optimized hemodynamics 
  • Filter prevent particle detachment into human body 
  • Tubing kits for all CRRT machines including Prismaflex


For inflammatory mediators imbalance 

Inflamamtion is a response of infection and tissue damage to eliminate infection and help tissue repair. When the injury or infection is severe, the inflammatory response is stimulated, and the ratio of pro- and anti-inflammatory cytokines released by immune cells is unbalanced, which will lead to cytokine storm and further aggravate the damage of tissues and organs. The adsorbent of the HA380 cartridge is neutral macroporous resin. Because of it’s large amount of medium-macroporous structure and large surface area, it can: 

  • adsorb excessive inflammatory mediators and oxidative metabolites
  • control inflammatory cytokine storms
  • help improve hemodynamics
  • relieve organ damage and complications for critically ill patients 

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