Exit-Pocket WP Catheter Dressing

WP - Waterproof protection for the catheter.


The WP is a catheter dressing device which allows complete catheter isolation from water, minimising bacterial contamination risk & improving quality of life. For a patient a catheter implantation can limit one's lifestyle, let alone when trying to avoid contact with water. One of the major infection causes related to a catheter dressing is the water contact and it is extremely important that catheter’s exit-site, as well as catheter’s lumen remains dry.

The WP is a waterproof pocket closed on four sides, provided with an adhesive hole to be fixed to the skin. Also available with an opening/closing system at the bottom of the pocket. It can be applied autonomously onto cleansed skin, without requiring assistance.

Designed for all catheter types and implant sites.


  • It is easy to apply and does not require the assistance of a caregiver, giving the patient complete autonomy when managing his daily activities
  • The waterproof EXIT-POCKET WP ensures that the catheter is completely isolated from water. This protects the exit-site from the risk of infection, without affecting the patient’s lifestyle
  • The device is easy to remove and doesn’t leaves residues
  • The waterproof pocket offers protection from infections and allows the patient’s treatment to continue. The patient, on the other hand is not forced to give up activities that involve contact with water and the products and substances contained in it.
Available in 4 different sizes:


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