The BasicLine is the introductory model for daily treatments, it's made from high quality materials and is the essential chair for functionality. It has 2 motors underneath the seating segment that allow an inclination of the seat as well as a simultaneous adjustment of the back and leg segments. The BasicLine provides the most important functions for your patients well-being, with the manually adjustable footrest, the comfortable headrest and the lowerable/removable armrests.

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Features & Benefits

  • User-friendly remote control to adjust all desired positions.
  • Lowerable and removable armrests which allow greater flexibilty and comfort.
  • Manually adjustable footrest fits every patient’s size.
  • Easy access to the 2 motors under the sitting segment.
  • Equipotential bonding provides additional safety for your patients.
  • Both-sided foot pedal allows hands free activation of the shock-position.