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Flexibility and comfort for your patients and nursing staff in your recovery room.

The electrical height adjustment allows a smooth and convenient transfer between the operation table and the RecoLine+

Obtain perfect height and positioning for treatment with just one button.

Individual adjustment of all segments of the chair allows optimal seating positions and faster recovery for the patient.

The upright seating position provides secure and convenient entry and exit before and after surgery.

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Features & Benefits

  • The comfortable pillow provides a pleasant reclining positon. The pillow can be positioned depending on the patient’s size.
  • The 12.5cm wheels are equipped with a steering lock for easy handling and central brake for secure positioning.
  • The shock position can be easily activated by a red foot pedal. Thus, the nursing staff has the hands free for further measures.
  • The guard rails can be folded partially or completely to facilitate the entry and the transfer of the patient.
  • The battery is easily rechargeable via a charging cable and guarantees an offline operation for several days.
  • The three most important positions are pre-programmed on the remote control. For a fine-tuning of positions there are additional keys.
  • The manually adjustable footrest is designed to support the legs in sitting position.
  • With additional handles the chair can be controlled from the foot end.
  • Dinner tray is clamped, simply and securely, onto the side rails.
  • Up to two infusion poles can be mounted easily on receptacle systems.
  • Receptacle for a remote control allows clear and direct operation.
  • Paper roll holder allows for improved infection control and hygiene.


Recoline chair