CitraValve HF

A high flow needle free connector, designed to reduce infection, handling and open catheter hubs.

CitraValve HF attached to catheter

Normally, double lumen catheters are opened/closed up to 12 times per week. Two lumens before dialysis, two lumens after dialysis, and three times per week. Each opening of the catheter lumen is a risk for catheter related bacteremia, by microbes entering the open catheter lumen. CitraValve is exchanged once a week, resulting in opening the catheter only 2 times weekly, which is a reduction of 6x openings of the catheter lumen per week. It reduces the risk of catheter related bacteremia, and it reduces handling by nurses. CitraValve is disinfected before connection to any luer-lock device (catheters, canules, infusion needles). All disinfection agents can be used.

  • Straight fluid path accommodates flow rates of greater than 500 mL/min
  • Remains in place during the entire haemodialysis treatment period
  • Validated for continuous patient use for up to seven days
  • Silicone seal remains closed when activated, closing the fluid path and eliminating blood exposure

 With the use of CitraValve, closing the catheter clamp (2 on a double lumen catheter), is not necessary anymore as it prevents blood outflow or air inflow.

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 Catheter valve

CitraValve in use

CitraValve preparation